Contract negotiations are about opportunities and big money – an excellent contract with the right club will shape a career. These negotiations make high demands, which inexperienced, non-legally educated negotiators are in many cases not up to. Those who sit down at the table with experienced negotiators at top clubs should themselves be represented by professionals and the best lawyers.


Together with our athletes and coaches, we develop an individual career plan – ambitious, realistic and with clear intermediate goals. Instead of deals with clubs interested in the short term, we focus on sustainable athletic development. Seitz Sports analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of our clients in order to develop them into even better athletes together with our consultants and the athletic advisory board.


A successful career is a unique opportunity to set the course for a financially carefree life. We are convinced that athletes should not receive worse advice than well-known entrepreneurs and managers. For this reason Seitz Sports uses its contacts to the most important banks and real estate companies. Financial professionals from our network such as Anytime Invest, an investment company with its own investment fund, help to secure financial success in the long run.


Our goal is to bring our athletes to their maximum performance level. To do this, we work with the best athletic trainers, doctors and physiotherapists. This also includes first-class nutritional counseling as well as mental training.


Our clients have unique access to VIP services through our exclusive network. So that the focus can be completely on football we manage everything a professional athlete cannot or does not want to do himself. This includes the planning of special vacations as well as tickets for extraordinary events worldwide. If it is simply a Bundesliga match, you are sure to find a seat in our VIP box at the Rhein-Energie-Stadion in Cologne.


Success on the pitch opens up special marketing opportunities. Through our contacts, we can broker contracts with the biggest brands – including Nike, Adidas and Puma. We sort out potential advertising deals so that our athletes can collaborate with companies that suit them. In addition, our athletes are coached to deal professionally with the media.


The founders and sponsors of Seitz Sports maintain close contacts with important sports officials up to the executive offices of stock-listed corporations. Together, we find the right way to ensure that our athletes are still in demand after their active careers and can pursue meaningful activities – whether in sports, the media or in business.


Education is the foundation of a successful life. With our academic background, individual coaching as well as an excellent network of educational partners, we support our players throughout their school years, higher education and professional training. In this way, we broaden the view beyond football and lay the foundation for a successful post-football career.